Enhancing Mobility Experience in Africa

envio is a telemetry SaaS company that provides an elementary solution to spreadsheets and obsolete fleet management applications developed to automate your day-to-day fleet activities, manage financial remittances and ensure vehicles and components are functioning properly for stakeholders in the mobility space in Africa.

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Security, Simplicity, Easiness

Monitor the status of your vehicle with the best tools and control its daily activites seamlessly.

Totally Optimized

The technology engine behind a better commercial transport system in Africa


More productivity with less effort

Manage your fleet in a simple and efficient way. Our Technology allows you to increase the productivity and service quality.

Extremely Flexible

Our powerful features will help you boost your productivity


Let's do Great things together

We are passionate about building technology that will solve challenges in the mobility world.

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We’re Better. Here’s Why…

We are building a hybrid software as a service (SaaS) to stimulate and support commercial shared mobility in Africa one city at a time.

Real-Time Location Data

Keep up with realtime data of the activities of each car on your fleet.

Data Maintenance

Keep up with maintenance data on the activities of the vehicles.

Billing Management

Manage all forms of lease payments and levies.

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